“Vanity Mirror’s and Hermit Crabs”

This morning it became very apparent as I gazed into my vanity mirror just how good looking I am. LOL Now let me explain something to my reading audience that isn’t apparent unless I give you the realization of this statement.

We all have our own perfect “Vanity Mirror”, whether it’s the reflection we see on a car window or from a drinking glass that distorts ourselves enough to not have to ask the question, “Does my butt look big in these jeans?” The mirrors we seem to find favor in are the ones that make us look the way we want to be,…not the way we really are. I catch people all the time looking into their vanity mirrors at the local Walmart, at the GrubMart Gas station, and even bending over to look into someone else’s rear view mirror just to find a different perspective of themselves that is acceptable in our own sight. I do it…you do it…everyone at one time or another does it regardless if we are in our Sunday best or just running to get a biscuit at Jacks in our PJ’s, it is clear we suffer from vanity in one form or another…the trick to the truth is to realize it…accept it and come to the honest truth that God loves us just the way we are…without reserve or judgement.

So now your asking, “Where does the Hermit Crab come in?” Well, when none of the different sources we seek seems to give us the reflection we desire, we become Hermit Crabs to the world around us missing out on opportunity,….happiness,…..and the chance to let someone see us for who we really are. Everyone has a mask, but doesn’t it make better sense to pull off the mask that will eventually reveal the true you so that any question about who you are never has to masked with who someone else believes you are? Let the truth speak for itself then you never have to live a lie. It makes you feel better about who and what you are to others. And  if they don’t like who they think you should be…maybe they weren’t the persons that were meant to help you achieve the best that you can be in yourself. Don’t let the world decide whats best for you by constantly handling you to the point you don’t want to come out of your shell and observe the “Alabama Cotton Candy Skies” around you that may never pass this way again…cease the moment…and imprint it on your memories…it was made for just your eyes only…and for the moment God graced you with between Him and you. That’s not anyone’s to take from you because you let them. In the end,…the opinion of others never really matters anyway, does it? It will be just you and your mirror and what you choose to see in yourself. God willing.  God bless


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