” A state of mind that leaves you wondering “Why?’ …and an eternity waiting for the answer.”

“I often find myself in a temporary state of “Empty” I call it temporary because if I chose to stay there…life might loose its luster. Sometimes it’s good to find yourself there…in a place where creativity and endless options have room to grow…you know that place, don’t you? Where imagination can turn itself loose and grasp a hold of things no one else has ever seen. Where a Bandersnatch becomes a household word…

“Without being empty…it is impossible to be filled.” Whether it’s a quench of thirst from a tea glass on a hot summer day in Alabama…or it’s the void you fill when you discover the “Truth”…Empty is an essential part of growing in ourselves….The important part to remember about it is whether or not you yourself chooses to stay there.

“Yeah, I often find myself “Empty”…but because of who I choose to be…it’s another opportunity to share with all of you…empty myself….grab a clean canvas…and paint one more picture God gave me to share with all of  you…and start all over again.

You wouldn’t think so, but to me…empty means opportunity. It’s all in how you choose to look at your situation. Are you “half empty?” or “Half Full?”


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