“Cool, refreshing..absence of air..you would think if it stole it…you wouldn’t like it there.”

For those that had a hard time understanding this statement…

“Water is cool and refreshing, but when you dive in…you remove your ability to breath without drowning…it, in essence,  “Steals your breath”. Well, whenever you are deprived of your air it isn’t a pleasant place to be, But yet, we willfully, with great joy, dive in time and time again…holding our breath until we surface again.

“Sounds a lot like life doesn’t it?’

So it seems as though we have a built in mechanism for challenge and reckless abandon which pushes joy buttons when we challenge life. Most of the time…God willing,…we pass, sometimes without even realizing we just challenged God and life itself….and occasionally…we loose …to sometimes the most unapparent and simplest hurdles we ever face. “It just goes to show how little control we really have over the outcome of our situations.”

“I guess it would only make sense to be prepared…regardless.”

“God Bless”


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