“Brotherhood of Black…The Crow”

“Quietly alight, among the darkness abroad…
As eyes gently wander from somewhere they didn’t belong.”

“Voices calling as a whisper… deep inside the night…
As if seeking a doorway into the light.”

“Nothing here, no there is nothing here.”

“Now as I awaken to the call of many crows …
Neither here to accompany,no,… none of them really know”

“That they truly come in a murder, a group acquainted to death…
“The songs they have sung… mean a refusal to rest.”

“They gather, …all golden eyes focused silently…
Inviting to the fold… only the chosen who deserve these wings.”

“While all the winds blow about directionless…
As my new friend the crow…; chooses only to fly into the west.”


I wrote this several years ago and I still get comments on it to this day. You can find this and other things I have written on” Poetry.com” under “Anthony Micheal Roberts” Please, feel free to let me know what you think…good or bad…it all matters.

“God Bless”




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