“If the “Surface” reflects who you are from within…The need for a mask has been defeated.”

“In today’s society, it seems as though wearing a mask is cultures way of being accepted…maybe, just maybe,…seeing someone in the same eye’s we use when we look into our own mirrors is how we should present ourselves to others?”

“Maybe your surface is smooth and refined?”   “Maybe, it’s rough and full of flaws.”

“Maybe, just maybe,…it would be easier to carry who we really are…than to try and carry the burden associated with the lie of who we are trying to be?”

“Whatever the surface you carry, remember this….if it’s who you are on the inside…It’s who God intended you to be…Be proud to carry your individuality…It is truly what makes you “Unique”

“You can always remove the rough edges with a little of life’s sandpaper as long as it aligns with the grain of your heart…you won’t have to paint the surface to cover the flaws…It’s ok to be “You”

“One question….”How many flowers have you ever seen that need a coat of paint to make it beautiful?”

“Alabama Cotton candy Skies”




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