” Is it your weight you choose to support?…or a greater weight with a bigger purpose?”

“In the bigger picture of life…we tend to (because of human nature) choose to engage our burdens on a personal level…believing we are in control of the situation and its outcome…Choosing to “Carry” the load or the person…feeling, sometimes the overwhelming responsibility to a purpose, from a cause, we had no hand in its manifestation.”

“Have you ever asked yourself… “Why?”

“There are forces at work that have purposed you for greater things than even yourself can imagine.” With greater outcomes….bigger destinations…more meaningful purposes…than are even possible in your own minds eye.

“To “Carry” can mean to bear a load….to move from one place to another…or in a deeper sense of the word, the “Hang time” of a golf ball.”

“Do you get my meaning?”

“Depending on your own level of participation…and insight…your “Hang-Time” so to speak,…has a lot to do with how much of you you choose to grow.” If to “Carry” something meant to remain present until it reached its final destination, then to share in that accomplishment  would also mean to be a part of something you hadn’t foreseen from your initial contribution.”

“Wouldn’t that be some kind of faith builder…propelling you in to other situations to experience, again…the blessings of being a part of something bigger than you?”

“It is for me.”

Matthew 5:41 -48

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”.



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