” It’s amazing that anything considered a “Crutch” can be labeled a “Vise”
I guess it’s the hold that it has on a person that gives it its name.”

“Then how much we tend to “Lean” on it that justifies its use in our language.”

“This can be anything from drugs to money…food to fantasy….knowledge to physical fitness….whatever it is,   you can’t serve God and mammon.”

“You will love one…and despise the other for taking away from the first…you can’t serve both.”

“Choose who you will serve…then live with the consequences of your own choice…good or bad…the choice always has been your own.”

“People tend to believe that serving God means having  to give something up…instead at looking at the truth and how much you gain in the act of surrender….I do believe it’s called freedom from a so called “Vise.”

“True freedom is living life not bound to anything and knowing that you are loved and throwing away the crutches….and walking on your own…in Faith.”




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