“When I started the exploration of “Edge”…It came increasingly clear at just how far we live our lives continuously on that proverbial “Edge” It seems as though we have a an inward being that continues constantly on that particular path…always wondering and playing with the possibility that it may crumble beneath our feet….”I wonder if we are prepared for the fall…or actually looking forward to it?”

“It actually does have a dangerous appeal that seems to be rather alluring…challenging…tempting us to be a little more than what we actually expect out of ourselves individually.”

“God does this because He see’s in us what we can’t even imagine for ourselves.”

“Cool Huh?”

“I think I like the “Edge” As long as I realize who’s holding me up…I can’t find myself disappointed in the final outcome… “Only God knows what I am capable of.”

“That’s a good thing…or I would never get anything done…LOL.”

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”




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