“Funny this would be the “One Word” prompt for the day….it’s also funny that after I responded today I would actually participate in one of these before lunch.”

“When a disagreement can find no resolution and neither can walk away without the last word.”

“This is what I posted…I was also the one that walked away.”

“Then something I had witnessed before happened again and a new light fell on me about the situation….Let me explain….

After what started off as a disagreement over something very insignificant, I chose to walk away instead of escalating the issue any further and after a few minutes of cooling off I saw the other participant sitting around a table in front of several other people flailing their arms about and ranting about the injustice they had in their encounter with me….their “Argument” was with me…not them and this dawned on me….”When the last word is taken to non-participating entities in order to justify yourself…you’ve already lost a battle that was defeated the moment you told someone else.”   “Why?” Because in that particular situation, it was considered a disagreement that died the moment one of the parties involved chose to walk away. “No winner…No loser”   “In ,what should have been the end,… one truth remains…..”Who Cares Anyhow!” “Every word spoken after that…regardless if the audience “OOOHHH’s   and “AAAHHH’s…we all know under their breath they are saying to themselves,…”Who Cares?”

“I can’t count how many times in my own lifetime I’ve said the same thing or thought,…”Shut up already” while I  outwardly agreed and nodded just to take an annoying conversation another direction. “If you say that you’ve never done that before yourself,…I would be hard-pressed not to call you a “Liar.”

“Either way,  what really have you accomplished when your disagreement falls truly on “deaf ears” that could care less anyway?”

“If it really is important enough to pursue…state your case…then walk away.”    “If it’s a valid enough disagreement …you’ll have no problem pleading your case…and no problems finding someone that cares enough to listen.”

“If it’s over spilled milk…Not so much.”     😉

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”




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