” When the relationship with your flesh wars with your Spirit… and that Tug-of-War is obvious on the inside of your heart through conviction.”

“Either way…there are “consequences” for good or bad decisions.”

— The word “Consequences” is sometimes misunderstood as being a bad thing because of the limited text in which it is used…often being associated with bad or unfavorable situations. “Consequences” is a word like a two-edged sword…it is the outcome of both “Good and Bad”  choices…it should be looked on as such.—

“Will you succumb to being “Tempted”out of Self- Immediate-Gratification…or…Walk in the confidence of your Spirit that your choices were made out of  a greater love of others than for yourself?”

“Whatever your choice…”It is yours”…..Choose wisely…embrace the outcome…and accept the “consequences.”

“Remember…the choice  ultimately was yours….regardless of your excuse.” 


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