“The Greatest ___ in the World”

“The Greatest “Now” in the World”
I guess it would be this very moment….
Because this very second is one that is only for the “Now”
“It is current and never passing…and never exactly the same as the last.”
“You can do whatever you choose with it…Close your eyes and dream in it…Turn and share a gaze without a single word spoken and make a memory out of it.”
“You can elect to forget it if it isn’t worth remembering….Or take hold of it and allow it to continue endlessly into the next moment.”
“You can savor it as if taking a bite of expensive chocolate and try to duplicate it in the next bite…But each one has its own moment a little more precious than the last.”
“You could even close your eyes and let the wind blow across your face…But I can promise you…it will never touch you the exact same way it did the moment before…..”
“So, “The Greatest____ in the World” to me when I give it serious consideration would be this moment right “Now”  

“Why?” because “right now” will always be “right now”
“I guess it’s all in how you want to look at it….and whether you choose to make the worst out of it… or the best”
“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”


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