” Can you find beauty in all things? or is the “Aesthetic’s” more important than quality?”

“It’s like fine antiques…Destroy the original condition by improving its appearance and not only has the value depreciated…but its reflection is really just a cheap imitation.” 

“Sometimes putting on a shell or mask to impress others…deprives them of what’s really on the inside.”

“You may get a lot of attention…for a season….But, eventually the “Real You” will surface and if its not what your audience expected because you made yourself more “Aesthetic”…then those that put appearances first…won’t find the value you should have presented to begin with in you because the real you wasn’t there to begin with.”

“Sound complicated?”

“Then keep it simple stupid….”Put on the real you”   Because to be “Aesthetically Correct” for a lifetime…you have to put “You ” on …not a cheap imitation.”. 



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