“Not all that “Glitter’s” is gold…Sometimes it’s broken glass and you may just get cut.” ;)\

“Why is it that “Bling- Bling” or “Shiney’s” seem to catch the eye of a Crow, Raven or Blue Jay’s  and not all the other birds… so to speak?”

“Maybe it’s the content of the “Want” in its character…(You know…In its heart) and not so much its appearance?”

“I happen to know a lot of people that just live on the “Glitter”… and as long as nobody can tell the difference…it doesn’t have to be gold….just so long as everybody watching believes it is”

“I myself could care less…a diamond in the rough recognized has much more value than a polished imitation and sooner or later someone is going to see right through it to its core….expose it for what it is…then devalue it.”

“Maybe if we start from the inside out and recognize the value in all things…it wouldn’t matter if it glittered or not…We would love it anyhow just because of how “Real” it is?”

“Like playing in the mud…It may look unattractive….But, Man it’s a lot of fun!”

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”




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