“More so a state of mind rather than a physical attribute….

I’ve met 30 year old “Babies” and  3 year old adults….

I also have a “Better-Half” I call “Baby” and a daughter I call a “Big Girl”

…Its really just according to how a person is acting out…

I guess,…unless your in diapers… it depends if you choose to stomp your feet and cry…or put on your “Big Kid “britches  and buck up and take things like an adult.”

“Sure, I still act like a “Baby” at times…So does everybody else once in a while…BUT, if I want a sucker when I’m done…I better stop acting like one.”

“Just a little pin prick,…your all done…here’s your sucker…”Thank You”   (sniff, sniff) “Didn’t Hurt”    LOL     😉

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”



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