“Where Hesitation and Questions  Marks occupy the space of your mind where accomplishment should be.”

“Everyone suffers from “Doubt” at some point or another in their lives…Its what you choose to do about it when it does come that makes all the difference in the world to the outcome.”

“I pray”

… Jesus said He sent the Comforter to help us through these situations when we choose in our lives to trust in Him….He has never failed to keep that promise to me So, Like I said before…”I Pray”  

“Why change what has been working so far?…That would be like taking the frosting off  “Krispy Kream” donuts and expecting them to still taste the same …  Doesn’t that Sounds Ridiculous! ….”That’s because it is.” It would be “Krispy” without the “Kream”

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”


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