“The first thing that crosses my mind when I think of “Swarm” is the unexplained urge as a child to seek out and find Hornets nest and strategically and self-destructively find a way to throw rocks at them then run thinking I could escape the onslaught  of the angry bees attack.”

“I never seem to be able to win that battle…no matter how diligently I sought to be victorious.”  “What was I thinking?”

“I would end up running …kicking and screaming as if I were attacked for no apparent reason. Carrying the wounds back home to my mother without a good excuse for their cause…Sitting there crying while my mother took either Baking Soda or cigarette tobacco from my dad’s  pack and placing the concoction on each sting with a one word statement that kinda said it all, —“Child!”—

“I never quite figured out to this day if that was a question…or a statement that just kind of summed up the whole situation without trying to find a reasonable or an acceptable explanation for a five year olds stupidity.”

“After a long battle that could never be won with the bees,…unfortunately…I started throwing the proverbial “Rocks” at other bees nest that had a lot worse consequences.”

“It took me a long time to reach the conclusion that, “You just don’t throw rocks at any kind of “Swarms” whether they are just bees…or the challenges of life….You’ll just end up getting stung and sitting around crying with a lot of life”s concoctions speckled all over a body that just wasn’t as resilient as it was when you were in your youth.”

“So,…if your child throws rocks at bees…let em get stung a few times…if they’re not allergic…and maybe they will be a lil smarter than I was…and learn a lesson that will carry on past their childhood years.”

“And if they don’t…Well, just call it a character builder and hope for the best.”

“Eventually,…we do come around.”



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