“The modern day word for “Selah” a Biblical term…”To carefully consider or meditate on.”

“I use to spend a lot of my time concentrating on things that never really made much of a difference to my situation…”Ruminating” on things I couldn’t change.”

“When I started meditating on the Bible, I found a word in Psalms I didn’t quite understand…”Selah”

After some investigating, I found several assumptions about its meaning…and it wasn’t until I put the word to use in Psalms that it seemed even when I spoke the word, a calm would fill my heart and a spiritual meaning found its way into my vocabulary. Although “Ruminate” has the same meaning, its function doesn’t resonate the same in my heart…That doesn’t mean its credibility is any less of value to my own vocabulary…It just means I’ve found “Life” in one and use from the other.

“When faced with situations I can’t change and I need divine intervention and guidance in…”Selah” is my spiritual comfort.”

“When , in general conversation, I need for someone to understand what my state of mind is in about any given issue…”I guess I’ll just use “Ruminate”

“The first is personal and spiritual…..”Selah”

“The second…Well, that’s just a word…”Ruminate”



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