“As “Abstract” as Picasso seems …He wasn’t to far off base if you think about it…

“Everyone in their individuality are different….Different viewpoints…Different in the sound of their voice…Different in their emotions…and even in their stance or the way they walk.”

In essence, We are all “Abstract” in our own selves…That is the uniqueness that defines us…Entertains others around us…and keeps life interesting in its own right.”

“Without it….Well, the world might as well be flat… void of color in “Black and White”

“Birds might as well not sing…The wind might as well not blow….And we might as well not have a God that loves us…or for that matter…all food should taste the same…

“What if the sun never shined?  What if it never rained?  What if we never laughed, cried or sang?”

“God is much more “Abstract” than anything you or I could ever imagine…

.He created you didn’t He?”

“Just something to think about…”God Bless”IMAG4716.jpg



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