“A Genetically natural encoded response called “Fight or Flight” where you either stand… or you turn and run, depending on the size or the impact of the impending danger”

“Now having said this,  the brain will cause the eyes to see certain things as larger than what they are.”

“For example….”If a 6’4” man challenges you to a fight…you may be ten foot tall and bullet proof at 5’8″…

But, If your 5′ tall mother comes at you with a broom…well, even if I were at 6’4″ tall I would still turn and run.”

“So, “Instinct” depends on the  perception of the impending danger probably from  past experiences….”Kinda like your first bee sting or whipping….”We won’t be doing that again anytime soon!”

 “There is also another trait that enhances “Instinct” responses…..called “Pride” which often leads to better “Instinct” Response times…..It doesn’t mean the consequences are any less painful….It just means that out of sheer Ignorance…we haven’t learned our lesson yet.”




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