” The generic description of something completely different underneath the surface.”

“Sometimes we judge things by it’s outward appearance…”Label” it…Call it as we see it, before we take the time to read the fine print or examine the inner part that defines it.”

 Unfortunately, The majority of the world does this because taking the time out to get to know it takes away from whatever we have going on in our lives…When we do this with people…we often miss the real light they have within themselves…giving them a “Label” instead of “Individuality”

“I often wonder what the world would be like if we actually harnessed the positive traits of individual people rather than “Label” them because of a brief encounter or a passing perception clouded with our inability to slow down long enough to love past the outer appearance.”

“A good example of the opening statement would be “100 Grand”, “Baby Ruth” or “Butter Finger” candy bars…..Would you even consider buying them if they really were what the “Label” said?”

“100 Grand” for a $1.35?….”Sure”     “ButterFinger”  or “BabyRuth” …Not so Much!”

2017-03-18 008.jpg




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