” I’ve often heard others talk about making a “Fortune”…never considering they may be rich in other ways not associated with monetary wealth.”
“The Bible has a verses that fits this word very well..
.”For where your treasure is, There your heart will be also.”

“We don’t often realize what it is we treasure sometimes until it’s gone…then we don’t understand why we didn’t hold it in a higher regard while it was in our possession…Taking it for granted and assuming it would always be there…especially people.”

“I’ve come to realize that I have in my possession something that can’t be taken away…Can’t be bought at any price…and was given to me as a gift I didn’t deserve….”It is literally worth a “Fortune” and is so personal that you could say it is tailor made just for me…

and you.

I call it my own “Personal Jesus”

“Yeah,….and its worth a “Fortune” man…never wears out…never gets old…has not just a lifetime guarantee…but one that last for an eternity.”

“So, if your looking for something worth a “Fortune” and “Priceless”…Jesus is my Huckleberry and He don’t cost nuttin!”

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”



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