“An important moment of consideration to a moving thought or action….A time to Pray.”

“I do this often when I write…because every idea or thought has a moment attached to it where contemplation gives consideration and time to the message being given.”

“If I,…Myself utilize the moment for my own reflection…I want those that are sharing the moment to feel exactly what I feel and see in that thought….Personalizing the experience…individualizing every thought and reflection.”

“I don’t know if my grammar is correct….nor do I really care…If you feel the moment as I do…Then I’ve accomplished a “Union” so to speak without being face to face with you…bringing you to the place I am…sharing my world with you.”

“As I sift through my mind right at this moment…I am moved that at least one other soul understands and is present with me…right here…right now…and that each “Pause” is a personal moment I have given to you…my faceless friend.”

“And if not….That’s OK too.”

“The Bible uses a word called “Selah” in Psalms for this same purpose and when I am reading it…Each moment it gives consideration to the passing thought means just as much as the thought itself that had just passed”

 “Call me crazy…improper…or “literarerly ” incorrect…( Yeah that’s another new word)  LOL  😉   But in some weird way… I am convinced…you understand exactly where I am coming from…and where I am going…Regardless.”




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