“How many come to “Truth” without a physical foundation.?”

“I do believe it’s called “Faith”

“Some refer to it being “Blind Faith”

“Does the wind give evidence of it’s presence through the eye’s in a valley of rocks?”

“Or does it touch the skin without warning…letting you know it is there?”

“Would you stand on a cliff’s edge and step “Blindly”…with eyes closed to your destination believing the path was laid out before you?”

“There are a million different scenarios we face in our lifetimes that if we didn’t step out “Blindly” in “Faith”,…That would have changed the course of our lives completely from what we are in the “Now”…”Failures would have never birthed success’s…Success’s would have never brought to life simple dreams…and graveyards would be full of forgotten accomplishments that never took that first step of “Blind Faith”

“So, if I can find my purpose and bring to life a dream through walking “Blindly” into tomorrow….Well, Lord…”Just lead the way!”

Hebrews 11: 1


2017-04-06 019.jpg





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