“If we would just take a moment to realize just how “Temporary” everything really is…we might not give so much energy away to those passing things.”

“Even life…even though it seems to take a “Lifetime” to live…is really just “Temporary” in itself.’ In our physical state of mind, it is hard to grasp Eternity when we stare at the physical every moment of each day.

“I have to admit…I also forget to realize no matter how bad the situation seems to be,…”It too shall pass” “So, immediate Gratification from those things that are really just “Temporary” is a falsity in itself…The sad reality is that every time I’ve put my security in “Immediate Gratification”…All I’ve really come face to face with was disappointment and unfulfillment.
“The only thing I have found that is eternal and permanent is Jesus and the promises in the pages of God’s Word, “The Bible” “Not just once in while…but ever time I’ve trusted in that “Living Word” (Jesus) regardless of the outcome…It has never failed me. “There is nothing “Temporary” about it and when things didn’t go as I expected them to…Well, let’s just say…The outcome and conclusion was much more than I could have ever anticipated or expected when I left it to His will, and not my own. To be honest,..I wouldn’t have chosen the path He did and I am convinced that each outcome would have had consequences a lot harsher had I have tried to take control instead of surrendering and realizing I didn’t have any control at all.”

“So, “What’s “Temporary”? you ask…”Everything outside the will of God” Because , No matter how painful it all seems…”This too shall pass.”

“God Bless”

 PS… “Even a “Alabama Cotton Candy Sky” is just “Temporary” and for your eyes only.”

“Remember that the next time you see one.”   

“Put it in your heart…”Thank God ” for it….make it “Eternal”


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