“A shadow of light…
Barely array….
Slightly white…
Mostly gray.
“A candle positioned so far away….
Dim is a picture and old as it fades”

“Eyes wide opened…spiritually refrained”
“As dim as a whisper…as your walking away.”





“The absence of chaos and its complicated principals…Life’s not that complicated”

“What can you do to “Simplify” your situation?”

  1. Realize what ever you choose to concentrate on will take up a lot of time…”If you focus on the negative…It will over-complicate your initiative.”

  2. Start with one accomplishment at a time…”If you stack up too many “To-Do’s” you will overwhelm the initial goal…Just “Simplify”

  3. Things are only as complicated as you choose to see them…”Delegate”  and “Distribute”…”If you realize you can”t complete things by yourself…”Simplify” by allowing yourself to oversee  those you trust, allowing yourself the time to accomplish through the hands of those dedicated to help.”

  4. Keep the mind of a child…”Anything done with joy no longer is a “Have to” but a “Want to” “Some of the simplest and most effective and successful ideas have come from the ability to “Simplify”

  5. “WWJD”  Yes, I said it!  “What would Jesus do?” Whether you believe it or not…the principals Jesus taught about life have a profound and positive affect when applied to all things in life…business, family, relationships, budget and any other application you can think of…Nothing about Him is complicated and is still influential 2000 years later. The bottom line is…”If it works…Why not use it?”

  6. “Thank God” and give it to Him…You’ll have a lot less to worry about.”  

               “God Bless” “ACCS”KIMG0829.jpg


“A way of giving I pray to be blessed with…

without the “Giving”…

it’s only a selfish pursuit.”

“Consider how much God gives us each day that we take so much for granted…My God is an “Extravagant” giver to so many of us that never take the time to consider the source.”