“Just means consumable….

“It doesn’t mean that you’ll like it or”pleasant to the palette.”

“It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to chew it either…..meaning….word’s, actions or circumstances that you may have to swallow…but don’t really want to.”

“So next time you face something and have an opinion about it…be sure it’s “Edible” enough that you’ll want to swallow the answer or the outcome.”

“Kinda like that table spoon of cough syrup…It might not taste good…but it’ll make you feel better after it makes it past the tongue.”

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”IMAG6531.jpg


“The ability to occupy  the same timeless space together…

silently and content in the passing of time…

Sharing a genuine smile without a spoken word….

without the need for a reason to be where we are…

Just happy to have just you to share it with in “Tranquility”

…and if I shed a tear I don’t have to look at your eyes to know mine didn’t have to fall to the ground alone.”