“When the eyes can find no words to express the beauty of what it beholds.”

“Sometimes it is better to remain “Silent” within the heart…Than to allow the silence to be broken beyond repair.”

“More things can be accomplished in particular situations by allowing a “Silent” moment to express itself without complicating it with our own assumptions…If the moment doesn’t carry itself in love thru the unspoken word of the heart, then it probably shouldn’t be said at all.”

“The music of the heart is a “Silent” expression that pacifies the inner soul¬† for your ears only …God knowing its content…Jesus being its translator…The Holy Spirit its Comforter.”

“God Bless”





I have a tendency toward applying “God’s Word” to my situation…

“That’s my “Penchant”

“The thing about it is that it has never failed me…and anytime I’ve sought other sources to find resolution…whether it’s from another individual or some “Self-Help” literature…although it does seemingly have some validity to its application…it really never seems to quite fit as well as the Bible does, and regardless of its or their suggestions,…the part that seems to bring peace and completion seems to have been removed and lacking in that I can never seem to find peace without applying God’s ‘Truths” through His Word.”

“What I guess I am trying to say is, “Why change what is already working?” or “Why fix what isn’t broken?”

“I can think of a lot more “Penchants” less reliable to have a tendency toward that lack one element always present with God’s Word…That one thing that makes it different than all the rest is “Love”

“You won’t find that at the end of a liqueur bottles glass neck or a Bic lighters glow on a glass pipe…It never will love you back like Jesus does…

“I know…I’ve been there.”

“Alabama Cotton Candy Skies”¬†IMAG6728.jpg



“Something so moving in your heart that it could never be erased or replaced…


“The Birth of a Child”

“A Perfect Sunset or Sunrise”

“The Laughter of a Child”

“The Words Whispered from the Lips of Someone that you Love saying, “I Love You”

“Recognizing Everything “Priceless” Everyday of your life.”