“Is it not enough to just live and survive…But to survive and thrive in that with which you believe?” “Set your heart to those things that are above and not below knowing that the proving of your faith in Christ Jesus will deliver you into His kingdom…set apart as heirs…sons and daughters of the Most High Father through Jesus.”

“To survive is a challenge in itself…But to survive, standing on what you believe is a journey filled with challenges that don’t always end in success…But do take you to a place that when you do accomplish that with which you set your mind to. you come to realize that each failure was one more step moving closer to your intended goal and that without those stumbles and falls…the foundation you placed under each step might not be able to support the weight of your finished

“Don’t just strive to “Survive” But, Survive in a way that you don’t just walk…You push yourself to learn to fly.” “If you broaden your perspective and your line of sight…you might just find there’s a mountain to fly over on the other side of just a
“stone’s throw” treeline.”



…is the sunset…as it gently falls into the night.”
The moon’s glow then follows it…it’s darkest just before sunrise.”
…Is a candle down a darkened hallway…A silhouette is its sharpest just before the turn away.”
…Is a whisper just before a closing door…Maybe something left unsaid…only moments before.”
…Are the leaves colored brown caught apon the wind…blown about directionless as a season ends.”
…is the passing of the times…another generation gone…as the clock on the wall chimes.”
…Is the vapor of time of our passing lives…disappearing in tomorrow…As “Evanescence” does unwind.”



“The rudder is broken…the sails are torn…subject only to the tide and where the wind will blow.”
“Led not by the stars… but the stars by you…”Adrift” with no control to follow the sun or the moon.”
“Closing my eyes to the possibility of no beginning or no end…and whether the sea is my enemy or my chosen friend.”
“Is your mind “Adrift” looking for the shore…Or will you just “Rest” through the passing of the storm?”